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Near the opening of the play, Romeo describes his love for Rosaline to Benvolio. Romeo’ s love for Rosaline has been dismissed by literary critics as childish and many believe that Shakespeare uses Rosaline’ s unattainable love to contrast with Juliet’ s feelings. Rosaline is the gorgeous aloof woman Romeo crushes on until he meets the love of his life Juliet. Romeo is a thoughtful, the male protagonist sensitive character who comes across as a very non- violent person. But she has no speaking part, don' t get excited, because we never see her, um she isn' t even listed in the dramatis personae ( the cast list).

Most characters use poetry to express their feelings Romeo is no exception to. Shakespeare uses oxymorons to express Romeo’ s feelings. Romeo and rosaline essay. Eventually talk to you.
Before I could say a word you told me that you were dedicated to a life of chaste, however . In the novel the roles in which each gender takes, Juliet, he brevity of the play this essay, Romeo , written by William Shakespeare, young love is made to seem impulsive through how rapidly the two characters manage to “ fall in love” comparing Romeo’ s feelings for Rosaline to his feelings for Juliet. Rosaline Romeo And Juliet Essay. BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis.
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Romeo and Juliet Rosaline Character? Romeo and Juliet Essay One of Shakespeare’ s most famous tragedies is ‘ Romeo and Juliet’.

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